COVID-19 Refund Update

Posted by Chilliwack Lacrosse on Apr 25 2020 at 08:26PM PDT

Dear Mustang Families,

We understand that many of you have questions regarding 2020 season refunds which we would like to take a moment to address.

Chilliwack Minor Lacrosse is a not-for-profit organization which means that we carry minimal funds over from season to season. We rely on registration fees to pay for the cost of operations each year. We have expenses incurred to date that have already come out of the 2020 registration balance such as BCLA /LMMLC fees, insurance, equipment, floor time, socks and shorts etc. We are unable to recuperate these costs. If we were to offer a 100% refund to our members, we would be in a deficit of approximately $20,000 and the refund cheques would not clear our account.
We are diligently working on trying to get the most money back to our families if a season does not come to fruition. Many of the variables are out of our hands and we must look to the BCLA/CLA and other associations for solutions. At this point, we have been counselled by the BCLA to not offer refunds but instead offer our members a credit for future participation. The facts are that Government Health Officials have not ruled out sporting activities for youth. On the contrary, they are speaking with the sport community on what plans can be in place for return to safe play. Box Lacrosse is not necessarily an indoor sport. The cancellations announced recently are for events with large gatherings. For Box Lacrosse to be played safely this year, there will be some approved adjustments to game play and competition.

Pro-rated refunds would only be offered after we know what the box lacrosse season will look like. At this time, we can offer our standard refund policy of 50% which we have extended beyond the normal April 1st deadline. Any greater return, without seeing the whole financial picture, could potentially put our club in financial jeopardy.

As not to flood your inbox with repetitive emails, we will be updating the season status on May 15th and again on June 1st. In the event that there is any change to the status quo, we will update you immediately.

Lastly, the CMLA would like to remind our members that we are a family-based organization here to provide an outlet for the kids to have fun and develop not only individual lacrosse skills but also team/community mentality. We understand that we are living in unprecedented times and some families have been impacted more than others. We are all in this together and would like our members to know if they are in need, to reach out to the CMLA as we are a community and need to look after one another.

CMLA Executive Committee


2020-04-26T12:34:57.000-07:00April 26 2020, at 12:34 PM PDT, Lance Van Kessel said:

A few questions,

Is it the same company that provides the socks and shorts, that are now issuing refunds for our other clothing? If they have not started our personal orders, how did they start the socks and shorts without a diffinitive number of players?

To clarify the CMLA is a not for profit, but the BCLA is a profitable business that is taking advantage of subsidy and government funded loans to account for these loses. Is it not fair to say the the CMLA should be doing more than regurgitating the BCLA to protect their profits. Is it not fair to say that the CMLA is not working in the members best interest for local families. If anyone else takes issue with this email me at

I have been in constant contact with the CMLA and am still waiting for rhe financials. I understand lacrosse is not necessarily an indoor sport, but until this covid thing is completely over I don’t see any parent alowing thier kid to play a contact sport, or any organized sport for that matter for risk of spreading.

Email if you have questions or would like to voice your concerns as well